the householder…

This weekend marks the 3rd weekend immersion in my 100-hour immersion program. I’m really excited to be back with my kula for more growing and learning. I even worked on a gift for them:

Over the years I have grown to appreciate props more, but have just recently been introduced to eye pillows. I never thought much about them before, but after having a teacher place on me during savasana recently- total bliss. I wanted to make something nice to give my fellow yoginis and wanted it to be something I could truly put my intention into. Voila! Eye pillows! They are all filled with flax seed and half of them also have chamomile inside.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about being a householder- a yogi who lives a “normal” life, vs. being monastic. The contemplation of it alone is serious practice. How to balance living in this world with going down the yogic path?

I recently observed the amazing reaction and compassion of someone who I consider to be an amazing example of a householder- Michael Franti. I’m a long time fan of his and he truly, honestly balances being a yogi with been a rock star. Whodathunk that’d be possible? 🙂 He is doing some fundraising and awareness for a Giants fan who got beat into a coma at a Dodger’s game for wearing Giants paraphernalia. The savageness of it all shocks me and brings me back to the question of living your yoga- how to balance outrage and disbelief with compassion? I always feel conflicted.


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