setting my intention: to blog

Okay, so I’ve been slacking on blogging. Which is okay, I haven’t been slacking on my practice, which is much more important.

I think part of the issue is that I feel like I need to say something when writing on this blog. I’m taking it too seriously. By nature, I’m a mixture of goof and snark and sweetness, but I don’t really have many yoga friends in real life, so I don’t talk the talk much. Because of that, I think I have a hard time bantering and expressing myself in that way on here. But I realize that unlike my main blog, I’m lucky if 5 people are reading this, so I need to loosen up. 🙂

I’ve just recently started getting into other yoga blogs and one of the blogs I’ve found that I like is Y is for Yogini. I like her balance of adhikara, play and Western reality checks. It’s a good, fun read with lots of gems. Other blogs I’ve come across that I like are: Vegan Asana, vegan and yoga teacher trainee’s musings on practice and life, and the O2 Yoga blog, run by another fellow vegan and and excellent yoga instructor out of the Boston area. Oh yes, and I read Yoga Dork, which I like, but which I liken to reading People Magazine. Okay, it’s not that fluffy, she does make you think and keep you from taking your practice too seriously, but I could live without pics of celebrities doing yoga. The quiz about Bikram and Charlie Sheen was pure comedy gold, though. 🙂

So, my challenge to myself is to starting writing more, making sure I’m doing it with joy rather than anxiousness and, of course, to keep on practicing. I am happy to say I’m making headway with my meditation practice (which was previously non-existent). I need to do better, but what I’m doing is better than nothing, so there you go.



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3 responses to “setting my intention: to blog

  1. Well, I am sure I am one of more than five reading your blog! I am realizing how much support we all need in this process. It is tough putting all this out there and it is nice to know that someone is “listening” and even hopefully inspired by your thoughts. I have been teaching yoga for 15 years but still feel it necessary to keep it real. I don’t feel that there needs to be any distinction between talking about yoga and talking about life, food, love, devotion, fun. It is all tied into the quest for something more meaningful. Keep writing girlfriend. I, for one, will keep on reading. Peace, Mimi

  2. well, snap, little lady! 😀 i’m blushin’ over here with all the nice things you wrote. thank you!

    i found you on twitter and followed you back — you are now on four of my crazy lists. 😉 you have a new yoga friend. i (almost) never tire of talking about it. um, as you can prolly tell. anyhoo, talk to me, mama!

  3. andreadevon

    hi kris-
    i’ve been a regular reader of nom blog for awhile now, but just today i noticed your yoga blog. i have already drafted a few yoga posts for my own veg baking blog, but wasn’t sure if i should post, or as you wrote “highjack my blog” with yoga stuff. I love that you have branched out in this way, and I will certainly be linking back to your site once i get my yoga blogging stuff together. wishing you well, aloha, andrea at bakerymanis

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